Day 708 – Wednesday

I had a second night of sleeping all night without getting up in the middle of the night. This is unusual but positive. My dry cough seems a little bit more today but overall I still feel better.

I had an in-person meeting in the morning. She was a referral from someone else I’ve been talking to. She is a marketing writer and we had a good conversation. Met at a local Panera bread and I’m starting my policy of not shaking hands with people for a while.

I’m starting to think about how hard it is to go out into the world and be sure you aren’t picking up any foreign viruses. Computer security is much easier.

And I had a followup call with someone who will now likely be a client. She was a referral from another client, and referred me to my first meeting of the day. We had a good intro meeting a couple weeks ago and I came to believe that she thought I was more expensive right now than I really am. I gave her a good description of how I could help her and she requested pricing info and was happily surprised by my answer. We’ll start in a month or so.

I was also happy to hear from her how much she is expecting to make from clients she is about to book so she should easily be able to afford me.