qJumpStart My Heart | Day 706 - Monday

Day 706 – Monday

I’m feeling a lot better but it’s still a slow recovery. By evening, both Chris and I were worried that my cough was still lingering and I’ll go get it checked out by Wednesday if it isn’t better before then. While it’s unlikely, I’m hoping I already caught a mild case of the plague on the hopes that I don’t get sick with it again. We shall see.

I took Chris’ car in for service since a couple weeks ago coming back from Rochester we realized the heater is stuck on. Now you might think that isn’t such a big deal in the MN winter but it can still get uncomfortably warm in the car so you end up driving with the windows cracked open even though the air temp outside is below freezing.

A cable had broken and it was under warranty so that was good.

While waiting for service I had my online mastermind group. Same two regular guys there. It was a good conversation but I’m less interested in that group than I used to be. Certainly not interested in growing it. A paid group would be fine and that will come.

I had a good call with the guy from the presentation who wanted to pay. He has an interesting business. A real business with a physical location that sells physical things. And he wants to do email marketing and learn to write his own material. Such a refreshing attitude.

And he filled out the credit card order form about 45 seconds after our call so now he’s a customer. Yay.

Good call with my other email coaching client later in the day. I like that she works so hard to finish her homework. Having good students is fun. Ones who pay are even better.

I was exhausted by around 4pm.