Day 703 – Friday

I was back to more tired today. Still coughing some. Gradually better but this is a slow recovery.

I had a call with a guy from Sacramento who wanted help finding prospects on LinkedIn. I’m going to give him a free trial because he qualifies as a friend but this may be the last new free trial I offer. I don’t think his business offer is strong enough and I don’t have confidence enough in his business.

Had a couple good calls with Jacob going over things. He gave some really good feedback of what I can improve on presentations and sales. On the other hand he is very excited to be working with me and impressed with what I put together. We agreed to trade services, he coaching me on business on a weekly basis and me coaching him and helping him on email marketing on a weekly basis.

He also mentioned one person from the group is strongly thinking about buying the most expensive version of my offer. Also good feedback from his group liking what I presented. Some of the good critical feedback was that it was a LOT of material and could have been better if it was just one simple thing they could learn and do tomorrow. I’m happy having had the experience.

Repeating, I met Jacob via my LinkedIn prospecting system. Business is simpler if you meet new people and have conversations and make offers. Business is harder if you build complex online automated systems like the kids posing in front of rented Lamborghini’s say you should do.