Day 702 – Thursday

Just in time, I felt significantly better today.

This was good timing as I realized that in addition to finishing preparation for the presentation tonight, I also needed to build the website that will sell the paid offer linked to the presentation.

So setting up a couple of web pages. Writing the sales copy to go on them. Setting up the payment forms and making sure they actually take money (always an important test).

And I got that done.

And got the presentation written and turned into presentation slides and tried to prepare as best I could.

The presentation itself went well. This was in front of an online group run by Jacob a business coach I’ve been working with. He has a core group of 9 in his paid group and invited others and I invited others as well. Ultimately I think there were about 14 people there of 36 invited. (We can email the whole group of 36 after).

I spoke for about an hour and it was intense and I covered a lot of material. I’ll revise what I do in future. Keep it simpler and so forth but it was good practice.

After Jacob and I agreed to extend the deadline for the paid offer that was part of the presentation. I want to make sure there is enough time to promote it and we were going to cut off at Friday midnight but we will do Monday midnight instead.

I’m really tired and can’t do more tonight but I’m happy I had the energy for everything to barely just come together.