Day 682 – Friday

For the second week in a row, I’ve gotten a week out without writing down any blog posts.

This leaves me in the uncomfortable position of having to re-create a weeks worth of posts from memory. I’m not sure what to do about this.

For my own personal reasons, I think jotting down my thoughts or at least memories of what happens on a day to day basis is helpful. If only to see patterns over time.

But I’m getting distracted with day to day events and not doing this one step.

I also have not gotten back into the habit of practicing guitar.

And it’s funny that I’m spending so much time writing this part when there actually is something to talk about today.

We went, again, to see a performance of MamaMia at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. Chris and I went over the summer with her kids and had a great time. The production was extended an additional 6 months so we wanted to go again with her friends.

We had a great time. The food is still good. Some of the cast was different and it was fun to see some different interpretations.

Chris was still able to get a table just one table row back from the stage so everything was really close.

I’m still amazed that someone figured out how to take the entirety of ABBA song catalog and construct a narrative from different lyrical excerpts. It’s like taking a jigsaw puzzle that is already completed and realizing you can take a bunch of the pieces and fit them together in a completely different configuration and make a different picture. Including a full set of edge and corner pieces.

The next production starting at the end of February and going to the end of summer is The Music Man. We will probably go in the summer sometime.