Day 672 – Tuesday

I was supposed to have two calls today with people who reached out to me yesterday and wanted to talk. These were new LinkedIn connections.

Both of them didn’t pick up. I briefly considered making it harder to set appointments with my by having people fill out a form or only go to an online scheduling link that will remind them of the upcoming meeting.

For now I’m going to consider it bad luck and not worry about it. I got other stuff done and it didn’t get in my way much.

I tried out the Roof Razr on a section of the garage and it worked as well as expected. It also added a pile of snow on the drive way to shovel off so I didn’t do the whole garage. It was only a test anyway. The hardware store we got it from had ordered extension poles we will need for the 2nd story roof so we’ll check later this week to see if they are in yet.