Day 673 – Wednesday

Had two really interesting calls today.

The first was with someone I had spoken with before. He is a Sacramento based marketing coach who has cultivated a referral network of people he sends his clients to when they need to get work done such as websites, email marketing, etc. We had a good talk about what he is doing and what I’m doing. There may be some good opportunities to work together and share revenue. I.e. he sending some of his clients my way and me paying a referral fee.

The other was a guy I connected with on Linkedin who says he gets inundated by digital marketing types like me and most of them are selling snake oil. But he sees I’m local to the Twin Cities and he needs help so can we talk. Today was the day we were scheduled to talk.

He is in a really interesting business situation where he needs prove out that he can acquire business coaching clients and run his own marketing to do so. But he doesn’t have much marketing experience. We had a good talk and built some mutual respect so we are going to keep talking and will catch up in a couple of weeks. After we talked, he forwarded some info about a small project he would like help on to start with and that’s what we can discuss when we next talk.

It was a good day.