Day 671 – Monday

I did work in my office with a nice view of the snow outside.

It isn’t super cold here at the moment. Temperatures in the high 20s. Some light snow falling off and on. It’s nice.

I drove Chris to work and picked her up after school. This let me pick up a few groceries and go to a hardware store looking for a rooftop snow removal tool.

The one I got is the “Roof Razr” which is what I was looking for. We will need the extension poles that aren’t in stock but they should be in later this week. The idea is to get a tool that can easily clear snow off of the second story roof on one side where Chris is consistently getting ice dams. We figure her paying a couple hundred $$$ for some steel poles and the tool is cheaper than the thousands required for professional ice dam removal.

The Roof Razr rather than scraping off the snow, it has a chute that the snow slides down once you push the tool into the bank of snow on the roof. A little hard to visualize. 2 minutes and 40 seconds into this video it gives a good demo:

Roof Razr Demo