Day 670 – Sunday

Chris and I drove South to Northfield to meet our friends Len and Linda for lunch and taking them to Loon Liquors.

Lunch was at an Indian restaurant which was delicious. It was a lunch buffet and everything was very good. I was pleasantly surprised and definitely want to go back to this one.

I can’t easily describe the food. On the surface it looks like the usual buffet setup of different Indian dishes served as stews. I don’t really understand the flavor language of Indian food. But it was all really good and very well cooked. And the rice pudding was wonderful.

Then we drove over to Loon Liquors. They have a menu of non-alcoholic cocktails now and Linda and I tried a couple. Len had a sampler of their liquors and Chris had a couple of their new cocktails. It was fun. And we played a couple rounds of Yahtzee.