Day 658 – Tuesday

I had a call with someone I met on LinkedIn and we agreed to payment terms. We will have our first real call to get started next week.

Continuing to work on getting my LinkedIn prospecting set up for my guinea pig client. In doing so I couldn’t find where an “edit” button was in the tool I had been successfully using for this. Eventually I contacted their support team and they informed me the “edit” button had been removed due to misuse by some other clients.

This surprised me a lot. I explained that problems this would cause. I wouldn’t even be able to fix spelling mistakes in messages without completely deleting a campaign and re-creating it. And losing all stats already accumulated.

The support agent repeated that the feature was removed because of misuse by other users. I remained confused.

So… I switched to plan B which was to try a different, and equally oddly named product instead. Switching from “MeetAlfred” to “Dux-Soup”. Where do they get these names.

It looks like it will work and will do a dry run tomorrow.