Day 659 – Wednesday

One advantage of the new LinkedIn prospecting tool is I can run it from my web browser.

See for a variety of good reasons, automating stuff on LinkedIn isn’t something LinkedIn wants to support. They don’t want it to become a platform of people spamming each other with ads all the time.

The tools that are successfully automating stuff on LinkedIn are then trying to behave in a way that looks human. They push buttons slowly, they don’t send out many messages at a time or very fast. I support this.

The old tool I was using had a standalone app you ran to let it do its thing. The new one runs from within your own web browser as long as that browser is Google Chrome. Cool, I can do that.

Further, Google Chrome can run on my little Raspberry Pi credit card sized computer. So rather than running the prospecting stuff from a remote data center, I can let it run from a Raspberry Pi sitting on the shelf. I’ll get another one for when I’m in Minnesota for clients there. I can remote access the one here from anywhere in the world. And it will be much cheaper than renting space on a remote server. (One time $35 to $55 RaspberryPi purchase vs $15-$20/month virtual server rental).

I tried out the new system this way and it worked well on my own LinkedIn account. I’ll continue with my test client tomorrow.