Day 657 – Monday

My daughter Catherine was scheduled to take the LSAT (law school entrance exam) today. She realized a few days ago transport might be a challenge on her own since they don’t allow cell phones on the test site and her usual mode of transport would be to hail a car via cell phone.

So I offered to drive her there and then pick her up after the test.

We left early, around 8am for the 12:30pm exam time, to make sure there was no problem getting there. We had an easy drive to her apartment in Berkeley and then soon after left for Oakland so she wouldn’t have to fidget nervously in her apartment.

We drove over and found the test site. There was still maybe an hour before she had to be there so we drove around a bit. Catherine got to see the shores of Lake Merrit for the first time. (I’m not recommending anyone make a special trip. It’s a small pond in the middle of the city. A novelty here.)

Finally she couldn’t wait longer and I dropped her off and then found a Starbucks and then a parking lot to wait in while she demonstrated knowledge.

I worked on setting up my LinkedIn prospecting system for one of my early test clients. I wanted to run the software from a remote server but ran into problems since LinkedIn reasonably was wondering what she was suddenly doing in an Amazon data center in Oregon. I let her know the challenges and that I would resume tomorrow.

I picked up Catherine and she was pretty wiped out. I had one idea of a place for dinner and drinks but it didn’t look suitable. Catherine eventually suggested some place she had been to before and we went there. “Burma Superstar”. It was very good. I’d go back. Delicious food. My ginger lemonade was tasty. Catherine’s “White Elephant” also seemed delicious. She relaxed.

After I dropped her off at her apartment to recover and I drove back to Sacramento.