Day 655 – Saturday

Variously I…

Continued on some business projects. Nothing new there.

Decided it was Saturday so I played with a completely frivolous project. I was researching teaching coding / software to kids. My girlfriend has a new opportunity to do a short course in March so I was looking at some options.

What I found looked like fun and made it easy to draw shapes and graphics. The language she is going to teach is REALLY helpful for processing data. Like website statistics. And many other things which won’t seem at all fun to kids.

And when I find a simple to program system like that I tend to want to try to make a spaceship move around and shoot stuff. So I was playing with that. But it was somewhat limiting for what I wanted and that is not surprising as the specific thing I was looking at was for beginners.

Later we picked Catherine up and went to dinner and chatted and had a fun time. Sounds like Catherine is going to take me up on my offer to drive her back to Berkeley Monday in time for her to take the LSAT. And then pick her up after.

She isn’t allowed to take a phone into the testing center so she was worried about transport. I’m happy to drop off and pick up and see how she is after her marathon afternoon of test taking.