Day 626 – Friday

I went to a coffee shop in the morning for a chance of scenery and wrote a couple of marketing things (email and Linkedin post).

In the afternoon I had a short call with someone I met through LinkedIn. She didn’t seem super interested and seems to think she and her team have everything handled.

After the call she asked if I had a website where she could see more of what I do. Sort of a strange question but I shared and she sent me links to her main sales web page. I took a look and was surprised at how badly done it was considering all the amazing things she said about how good business was.

I asked some careful questions about the page and she assured me all of their business comes in from there. Which I have a hard time understanding. And then the page went down, or turned into a “coming soon page”. I reported the problem which she didn’t understand at first and then said they would take a look. I’ll follow up next week and see what is going on with them.

I think they need help. Convincing them may be the problem.