Day 625 – Thursday

At the networking group today a couple of interesting things happened.

1. I thought of a novel approach for my commercial and actually pulled it off. I wanted to comment on people who immediately try to hard sell you when they connect with you on social media. To illustrate, I did a bad variation of my commercial ending with “so you need to hire me right now…”. People laughed. And I continued with “but you won’t because if you didn’t know me, this approach wouldn’t work at all.” There was more and it was well received. I was pleased that I did it relatively effortlessly.
2. There was open discussion about what our new business plans are for 2020. And during this someone asked for me to report on my email marketing list and what I’ve learned doing it for the last year. About 3/4 of the people attending subscribe to that email list and the outpouring of support and appreciation for m writing that list was incredible.

Plus those in attendance practically demanded that the relative newcomers to the group needed to talk to me about business and work with me. It was very sweet.

And I’ll follow up with those three folks from the meeting.