Day 608 – Monday

This morning my daughter Elizabeth and I did some grocery shopping in the morning, getting ready for Thanksgiving. Then I did some work from the JHU campus while she practiced piano and got ready for a performance she has Monday.

After she needed to get back to her apartment to change for her afternoon volunteer shift. I made dinner (baked pork chops and blanched broccoli) and picked up a nice English cheese at the market down the street. She was excited to have food when she got back.

Today I managed to fail at avoiding working on new web server stuff. This morning I read an article that pointed me towards another web server tool and I’m spending time looking at it. It seems promising *and* I’m not sure if this is just a really stupid idea that I should avoid like the plague. My girlfriend Chris is skeptical. I’m willing to put in a couple more hours testing.

In more productive news, since I had some time to work on a Monday, I turned on the little software robot I have to prospect for clients on LinkedIn. I had done one phase of that last week and had some time to let it continue. The result so far was about 7 new people connecting with me there. I had a brief conversation with one who is crazy and self disqualified themselves. And the start of a conversation with another who wants to talk more when I’m in town next week. This approach is promising for the VERY little amount of time I’ve put into it. I may not run it further until next week since this is a holiday week for most people.