qJumpStart My Heart | Day 595 - Tuesday

Day 595 – Tuesday

I had a follow up call with one of the financial advisors I’m talking to about a new service I’m offering. They don’t want to start till January for good reasons. I reached out to the other potential candidates and a couple of new ones. This is expected in sales. We had a good conversation about it and I learned more about what she is doing which is helpful.

In order to attract people to this service on LinkedIn I need to adjust my profile so I worked on notes and research for that and wrote a draft of the new text. Usual business stuff I do.

In the evening, Chris and I had tickets to see Kris Kristoferson in concert. She has seen him several times and really REALLY REALLY enjoys his music and songwriting.

We had balcony seats in the Pantages theater, same place we were at last week. It is a really beautiful theater with the stained glass ceiling insert and elaborate plasterwork.

The concert was really good. Kris is old at 83 and this is probably his last concert. He performed with a 3 piece band that had worked with Merle Haggard. The backing band was outstanding and Kris went through his songs with a definitely minimalist aesthetic. Chris said he was always more of a songwriter than a performer.

He spent the first hour going through 16 songs. Mostly his and a few Merle Haggard songs. He would end one song and immediately start the next. His voice was soft as was his guitar playing.

It was really fun. I enjoyed it. Chris really REALLY REALLY enjoyed it. We had a good time.