qJumpStart My Heart | Day 594 - Monday

Day 594 – Monday

Chris had a long day at work and tutoring and I stayed home, inside, and warm working on my stuff.

It was pretty windy today and when Chris and I went out in the evening for a quick errand the wind chill was down around 2F or something. It’s supposed to get warmer tomorrow (low 20s?) and then still warmer Wednesday.

I got a lot done including switching email marketing services for my main list. The email delivery and open rates look about the same as for the last system I was using so I think it’s working ok. I was getting tired of MailChimp. It’s cumbersome to work with and I wouldn’t want to pay for their paid plan when I need it. The new one is more sleek and easier and quicker to use. Anyway… email marketing geekiness.

It was a pretty good day.