Day 593 – Sunday

Chris and I drove to St Joseph which is near St Cloud about 1 1/2 hours from where Chris lives. One of her brothers lives there and we gathered with her parents and other brother to eat food and play poker.

The stuffed mushrooms turned out really well. They were simple, just cream cheese, parmesan, minced garlic and mushroom stems baked on top of the mushroom caps. I want to work on pre-cooking the caps so they have less moisture when the filling is added but they were delicious and were almost all eaten. I’m glad Chris suggested making extra.

I lost all 4 games of poker and Chris came in first once and second once. I enjoyed myself. If I worry too much about playing poker well it’s stressful. And it’s fun to watch Chris frighten her brothers with her inscrutable and somewhat random play style.

Chris drove back as some light snow was falling and we didn’t know how the roads would be. We got back ok and it was a fun day.