Day 596 – Wednesday

I drove my girlfriend Chris to work this morning and planned to do some grocery shopping later.

When I got back to the house, I ran across a Facebook post that led to me looking at something, that led me to look at something else, and then find out about a new way of organizing websites for myself and my clients. Research and testing took about 90 minutes. At the end I was confident that this new method would let me migrate all my websites back from the paid hosting at that I started with last January.

Migrating away from them will let m avoid their 3x price increase that starts at the end of the first year. Website speed is equal to SiteGround. I can keep all my sites hosted at Amazon Web Services which is my preference. And I’ll probably save at least $300/year over what I’d be paying come January.

And most people won’t choose this option because you REALLY have to enjoy typing commands into your computer to use it vs using a pretty web based interface. I love typing commands. This was made for me. I’m happy.

Then I turned around and looked out the window and the driveway was covered with snow. Not a lot of snow, only about 1/2 inch but it was pretty.

I did some grocery shopping, got Christmas chocolate, and made meatballs for dinner.

Chris, Laura, and I finished watching the first season of the TV series “Fleabag” on Amazon. They had a pretty similar reaction to the end of it as I did. It’s really good. Now I can move on to season 2 of it.