Day 576 – Thursday

While I was at the noon networking group, I started getting texts from the laptop repair place. They provide really good service and detailed info via text.

The replacement part came in, the new wifi card, and they replaced it and wifi still didn’t work. Darn. But they are going to look further. Good.

A few minutes later another text that they found the problem. An internal multi-pin ribbon cable had failed. They had never seen such a failure. I agree. Cables at rest don’t typically stop. They had a spare cable in stock and replaced and it worked.

So after networking I drove over and they had finished final test by the time I got there. The cost was less for ribbon cable vs a wifi card and I was very happy. About $150 for the repair vs about $200 for the original estimate vs about $2000 if I get a new MacBook Pro which I’d like to hold off on doing for now.

Networking was fine. I caught up with some people and got a card from someone new I want to follow up with.

The evening Mastermind group was really good. There were only 3 of us but we had a really good discussion. I’m going to work on growing that group a bit.