Day 575 – Wednesday

I slept really well. I went to bed around 9pm and woke up at around 4:30am. So I’m not very successfully transitioning to Pacific time but I do enjoy early mornings.

I had a morning call with a MN business contact who expressed interest in an offer in my Monday marketing email. We had a good conversation and I learned some important things about her business. We will talk more next week. I think there are some ways we can work together.

I took my laptop in for repairs at a local Apple authorized repair dealer. I’ve visited their store before for a consult and was impressed with what I saw. I also like that their website indicates the number of minutes (4) that they are from the nearby Apple Store. Core-care, this store, doesn’t have a line a mile long to get an appointment at the “Genius Bar”.

Anyway… I suspected the WiFi card in my laptop had failed, they confirmed that, and should be able to have the new part in tomorrow and get it back to me tomorrow.

So I’m working from my Chromebook (looks like a laptop but is basically just the Chrome web browser installed in a screen with a keyboard) and my iPad with a wireless keyboard.

It’s annoying to be without my laptop but I’m able to function for now.