Day 574 – Tuesday

I felt more normal today, adjusting time zones, but still ultimately went to bed early.

I figured out what I needed to on Facebook Ads. In the short term we’ll do it the less than ideal way because doing it right will require the person who created the Sons of Norway FB page to create a FB business account, create an ads account, and then, I think, invite my FB business account to be a partner with their FB business account.

And it’s actually more complicated than that. Ideally I’d get on a video conference, share screens, and push the buttons myself. We agreed, I’ll meet that Sons of Norway member in person when I’m there in November and that will be easier.

I wonder how many people doing FB ads for business clients are doing it with the optimal setup like this. I imagine a lot of people are faking it.

I had one call helping out someone in my business networking group fix a challenging email problem with MailChimp. Set up a call for tomorrow for someone very interested in a new product I announced on yesterdays Marketing email. And made further progress on the talk I need to record.

(And after that there are effectively two online courses I need to get started building).

Busy is good.