Day 569 – Thursday

Today we went to Epcot. Parking there is complicated due to construction so we took the monorail over (two actually) and got into the park with minimal walking.

Due to the 50th anniversary of Disney World in a couple of years, there are a large number of construction projects currently going on. It seems every park here has some sort of major entrance construction going on. Animal Kingdom is getting a new tram drop off point. Magic Kingdom is getting new boat docks in preparation for the new boats. And something will be happening at Epcot with a new entrance fountain and more bushes and foliage present.

We got in early and went on Test Track which I had not been on in a long time. It’s a fun car ride that goes fast at the end. Then over to The Land for the boat ride looking at gardening exhibits. It’s very geeky. I suppose the appeal to me is thinking about cooking with all of the fresh vegetables they have growing in their greenhouses.

We went on the Frozen ride at the Norway pavilion. As much as I hated the film, the ride was entertaining and better than what had been there before. It’s a boat ride (Disney likes boats) going past various scenes inspired by the film. Sometimes the boat would switch channels and go backwards down slopes (it was designed as an attempt at a minor thrill ride).

Several of the animatronic figures had faces that were video screens so they could display cartoon animation faces which worked really well. It’s a dumb ride over all but better than the least effective of the Fantasyland “dark rides” at Disneyland like Snow White (which isn’t bad, just has incoherent plotting).

We walked around the World Showcase pavilions going in different shops and had a wonderful lunch at France. We all had the $40 prix fixe meal. I had lobster bisque, beef burgundy, and the chocolate tart. It was wonderful.

Then over to England for more shopping and then a boat back to a different park and then a bus next to the resort next to the camp ground and a boat back to the camp ground.

Epcot wasn’t anywhere near as crowded as Magic Kingdom. My feet were a little sore today and we won’t be hungry the rest of the day.