Day 553 – Tuesday

This morning’s networking was so so. I’m getting really picky about the groups as my time is limited. One of the new “ambassadors” in this group and I aren’t really a good fit. He isn’t aware of that. I feel he is much more into sales than sincerity and is comfortable promoting himself when he is supposed to be facilitating the group.

After I got back, I made the 2nd version of the video I started yesterday and I’m happy with this one. It’s still a bit long at 15 minutes. It was probably only 10 minutes when I did it live. My girlfriend Chris suggests that I speak more slowly and carefully on video than live. Not necessarily bad but probably overly cautious. I’m considering this one good enough and I’ll move on.

In the evening I went to visit my father and had a good visit with him. I was glad to be able to spend some time there.