Day 537 – Sunday

I went to the downtown farmers market and got some squash, beans, and tomatoes.

Once I got back I made two frittatas for breakfast this coming week. Both with diced chicken, cooked squash + onion + rosemary + garlic, egg and cream. They came out nicely. I want to play with the seasonings more in future.

I got my blog post done and published on my website. I’ll start promoting it later this week. I want to start writing the next part of it. It’s a multi-part piece.

I also continued mapping out the outline for the paid email course I’m going to complete in lieu of offering 4 hours of in person consulting to one potential client.

In the evening I went over to visit and have dinner with my father and Joan. We had a nice visit and I updated them on my travels and adventures. Many of which they had already read about here.