Day 538 – Monday

Today was a good day. There was a “thunderstorm” that came through Sacramento. For here that means I almost think I heard a distant sound of thunder and it sprinkled rain for about an hour. It kept things pretty cool outside though and I had the windows open and enjoyed the air. By afternoon it was sunny again.

I hear from my girlfriend Chris that Eagan, MN has been warm and humid the last couple of days.

Among other things, I wrote an email for the real estate photography agency owner and she liked it. I’m giving her a trial of my services to see how we work together and I think it will work out. Her business appears to be growing nicely and she’s impressed with what I can do.

I was also invited to speak at the Friday networking event I’m going to. I’ll need to come up with a new email marketing related topic. Since I need to create a paid course on the subject, this will support both efforts.