Day 536 – Saturday

I went on a drive up to Apple Hill and back this morning. I did my usual stop at High Hill Ranch for donuts and an apple fritter. Then I went to Boa Vista for pears and some apples. The pears will have to ripen and my sense is in years past by this time, they would have some that are riper.

The apple fritter was very good as were two each of the two kinds of donuts I got. The rest I will ship off to my daughters at college. I’ll also carefully wrap a few apples and ship them off to Elizabeth. Catherine’s I can hand deliver next weekend.

Much of the rest of the day I spent off and on continuing to struggle on a blog article I’m writing. By the evening and after more talking with my girlfriend Chris I had a plan that was working and I had a solid draft written.

The problems continued to be me thinking this is a significant piece of writing vs my marketing emails which come out 3 times a week. Not accepting that trying to write longer and a multi-part piece is different than my 3 times a week marketing. As it is new I don’t have practice thinking about it so it feels different.

Anyway, I got a draft sent off to Chris for review and went to bed.