Day 535 – Friday

I had a morning call with a networking contact from Minneapolis. We had only connected via the networking group’s message board prior so I wasn’t sure what to expect. She is in real estate and I learned some about how she is marketing to her leads. I talked a bit about my process. She suggested another group in the Twin Cities I should look at and I will. (Though that group looks like it meets at the end of the month and so probably will get pre-emoted by Thanksgiving and Christmas this year).

I had a follow up call with the 2nd of the people I was following up with from Friday networking last week. She does Mary Kay and hair and makeup as a combined business. She recognizes the value of email marketing in her business and wants to do more. She is pursuing me at this point, I’m not pitching it to her. However her funds are tight and even my basic offerings are more than she can afford. (She assures me it isn’t for me being overpriced. She sees the value.). We compromise on a couple of live coaching sessions to schedule for October.

This is fine. Sort of. For the money it’s on the border of fine. Since she was apparently hoping for some sort of course I think I’ll finish a version of my online course for basic email training. To work with her, I would need to produce an outline of what topics need to be covered in 4 hours of sitting and talking. So I think I’ll produce notes and presentation slides and record myself talking and presenting on those subjects. Overall price will be slightly lower than the in-person I quoted and I’m happy with that. I’ll throw in an early bird special of an hour of email “coaching”.

With my specialty completely focused on email marketing it feels like it makes more sense now and that I might end up with more sales of the course for all the people talking to me about email who can’t afford my regular services.

The rest of the day I struggled with writers block on the longer blog post I want to write. The problems were I was trying to write something longer and significant and “of course” serious and meaningful. And that got in my way. I talked to my girlfriend Chris about it as well and our combined suggestions got me over that hill and now the article is flowing better.

At the least I need a close to final draft of part 1 of the article by the time of my mastermind next week.