Day 533 – Wednesday

The Wednesday networking group continues to drive me slightly batty.

Today there were presentations by two members and that is normally fine. This time, one of the presenters spent his entire 5-8 minutes talking about his own business, listing out the sorts of businesses that work best with him and which companies he has worked with in the past. Excruciatingly dull and misguided at the same time.

For entertainment, I’m going to experiment with taking my own commercial in a different direction and talk about some specific results with email marketing that I’m getting. This comes from a place of better confidence.

In shorthand:
* Hey I’m Michael the Digital Concierge
* I’m an email marketing expert and help coaches fill workshop seats to get more paying clients
* The thing with email is you have to be consistent
* And you’re talking to your ideal customer
* I write to my audience three times a week
* They’re reading what I’m sending to them
* I’m helping them
* I’m making sales offers
* Three times a week
* And I’m getting a 35% open rate on emails and almost no unsubscribes.
* Any of you wish you had that sort of platform to reach your ideal audience?
* I can show you how.
* If you need that, talk to me.

The head of a different networking group was supposed to have a call with me today. This is a different group that is free but does have limits on who can join. The fact that this guy wanted to talk to me makes me feel they are fairly pretentious. And then I called and got voicemail. So… they can wait. I’m getting pretty busy.

I had a follow up call with Gustavo’s partner about their workshop. We’re going to wait on that project. They may get back to me. I may get back to them. Ask if you have questions.