Day 532 – Tuesday

The Tuesday networking group has always been a little smaller but this one was a record. There were two of us. Steve the regular moderator was at another event so I met and talked to his fill-in, Gustavo.

We had a good talk about a project he is working on and they are looking for help filling up a workshop so I’ll be talking to one of his business partners tomorrow to see if I can help with that.

After I went to a meeting with two of the people I met last week at the Friday networking group. There were supposed to be two separate meetings, me with each of them but we all showed up in the same place and had a combined meeting.

One of them I’ll definitely be working with. One of her businesses is a real estate photography agency and we can see how better email strategy can help her get higher end real estate agent clients.

The other wants to work with me and we just need to figure out what the project will be.

Having a distinct specialty remains an excellent idea.