qJumpStart My Heart | Day 527 - Thursday

Day 527 – Thursday

I went to a new networking group around noon. It’s a group related to the ones I do Tuesday and Wednesday but this is a new group at a later time.

For only their 3rd meeting it was impressive they had 20 people there. I keep getting congratulations from people on my email list how much they enjoy my emails (two said so there). Plus had some good conversations with people.

The meeting was held at a pizza place that I know has a salad bar but I didn’t have a chance to get any of that because I kept talking to people. I was hungry by after so I looked around on my phone and saw there was a highly rated Vietnamese restaurant nearby and went there.

This restaurant specializes in Vietnamese Pho and it was really good. The place had a distinct odor of fish sauce which gave me confidence they knew what they were doing. The soup was very good, especially after I added more chili sauce to it. I’d go back.

In the evening was the first meeting of my new online mastermind group. The one that used to be a networking group. We had 4 people attend and it went well. The one guy who always asks a lot of good questions got, I think, some really good feedback and advice about next steps for his business. It was a good hour and could have gone longer which is good too.

I’ll promote this group more next week among my networking groups. One advantage of this group vs the previous one is this one is better if it is smaller with the right small group. So I’m not looking for just anyone to join. You have to apply. I decide who I want in. So it’s more exclusive that way and I think will be more effective for helping people in business.