Day 528 – Friday

In the morning I had a scheduled call with my Minneapolis based coaching client. He is very happy with how things are going and had a couple questions for me. This was mostly checking in on where he is with his business and where I am with some emails I’m writing for him. All is well.

There was a new networking group I went to in the morning. It’s being hosted by an insurance guy from the other groups I go to. It’s every other Friday and today was small, only 5 people. But a very good group. I have follow up meetings with two of the people I met there. I’m sticking with my specialty of “I help coaches with their email marketing” and so, of course, other people were interested, too.

Then a meeting with a potential client, a relationship coach. She is looking for help marketing an event she is planning in June of 2020. We had discussed this already and this was my pitch of what I can do for her, what risks I see, and so forth. We agreed on a price and will meet next week to start on the real details for it.

Overall things are continuing to move forward nicely.