qJumpStart My Heart | Day 500 - Friday

Day 500 – Friday

I had time to make a cream custard I’d been wanting to make for a bit. The idea was to use the ginger liqueur we got at Loon Liquors and make a ginger flavored creme brûlée without the hard sugar top because I’m not interested in that sort of fiddly cooking.

I used the standard recipe from the CIA cookbook and it turned out very nicely, though the ginger flavor was very hard to make out. The texture was lovely, though. I’d make it again though with different flavor combinations. Using even more of the ginger liqueur isn’t very cost effective. I used 6 tablespoons and the stuff we bought costs $22 per 375ml so I don’t really want to use more of that.

I’m thinking mashing up some fresh ginger and steeping it in cream until the cream tastes how I want. Strain out the ginger and make it from there.

Something involving chocolate and this technique, without the ginger, is appealing, too.

Of course this feels an awful lot like the chocolate cream pots I’ve made before and I think they are pretty similar. Both are an emulsion of sugar dissolved in cream with flavor stabilized with egg yolks. I’ll compare the two later.

And I’ll be making more of this cream sugar egg stuff.