Day 499 – Thursday

I finished up the draft of a web project for one client and in the evening had two networking groups.

The first was another meeting of a group I went to a couple weeks ago. The first meeting was free, this one was $35. If I was here more I’d buy their membership but for now, $35 at the occasional meeting is worth it. My email marketing specialty is still a good idea. I have two people who want to follow up with calls and additional interesting people.

I think having any price barrier to entry is a good idea for attracting a higher calibre of people.

After that I came home for my online networking group. There were 4 of us this time. Basically we four regulars. I ran it as a mastermind format again and I think it worked well. We’ll be skipping the next two weeks and restarting at the end of the month, just in time for my arrival in Sacramento. I intend to promote it locally there as an online, currently free, mastermind group vs networking and see what happens to it.