Day 498 – Wednesday

I worked on a bunch of stuff.

More interesting, my girlfriend Chris and I declared it Date Night and we went out to dinner and ice cream. Dinner was at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Farmington. So far it’s the only one I’ve really liked here. That it is on the very edge of the Twin Cities is surprising.

Chris had tacos and I tried something new: Sopes.

What you do is take the masa you would normally use for your corn tortillas and form it into a little boat and deep fry it and top it with stuff. In this case chorizo and vegetables and sour cream and stuff. It was delicious. Very fun. The soft crunchiness of the fried masa was a delight. I want to eat this every day.

Chris tacos were also very good. She likes the simple, pure ones: tortilla, meat, onion, cilantro. They were delicious.

After we went to an ice cream shop in Farmington that sells the same Wisconsin ice cream we had a couple days ago. It was good and the prices are reasonable. Chris prefers Izzy’s due to the Wisconsin product being a little “stringy”. (Looking online, and finding amazingly technical ice cream articles from “Tharp & Young: On Ice Cream” (look it up), stringiness or gumminess can come from too much stabilizer). The flavors are very good though so I’m willing to overlook it vs paying $9.25 for a double at Izzy’s. Vic’s in East Sacramento I still believe is better.

I have now twice seen Superman Ice Cream. It is at both places and quite popular among the kids. It appears to be a mostly mid-western thing and is named so because of the swirled colors looking like Superman’s comic book costume. It has a wikipedia page if you want to learn more…