qJumpStart My Heart | Day 497 - Tuesday

Day 497 – Tuesday

In the basement I set up a spare table of my girlfriend Chris’ to use for a satellite office. I’ll lose my current “office” in a few days as it’s a spare bedroom and 3 1/2 additional people are arriving to visit on Saturday. It should be more than suitable with headphone. The wifi is just as fast down there as up here.

I had a good work day and later at night I did initial setup on a new website for me. I have some writing I really want to do that doesn’t fit in this blog nor on my business site. I need some place for my Thai curry recipe to be stored as a reference for one thing.

We identified a mistake I made with the curry that I won’t repeat Since everything for the curry paste part was going in the blender I didn’t bother to mince the lemon grass. I left it as 1 inch long pieces. So after blending it left 1 inch long fibers in the curry paste that have the texture of short hairs. Chris doesn’t like eating “hair” in her curry…

If you do eat them, it ends up feeling like hair building up in the back of your throat. This doesn’t bother me as much as too much lime flavor. Either way I’ll make adjustments for next time.