Day 496 – Monday

The weather got warmer today and it was definitely warm in the morning for my walk. Later there was a thunderstorm with moderate rain and then the humidity went away again. It should be pretty nice tomorrow.

I worked on several business projects today and made good progress. The follow up call with the event planner prospect got postponed because she “needs to consider budget more” but still “sees value in what I’m offering”. My girlfriend Chris reads some promise and consideration in the event planner’s email about this. I suspect it’s more like the girl who just wants to be friends rather than go out. I think there is a sizable audience that would pay $200 for a course covering the material I was going to go over with the event planner.

(I know, I’ve talked about courses before. There is some considerable investment in doing them and even making sales pages for them. My current focus is still directly looking for clients. I’m filing away feedback like this for now. Ideally I’m looking for clients who aren’t just starting out. The newbies either don’t have money to invest in themselves or they aren’t secure enough to see the value of making that investment. And I’m learning more about price strategy).

I made curry again. This one was good though I liked the last one more. This one had too much lime flavor for my taste. Probably because I didn’t put in enough onion. I also experimented with fewer peppers and not seeding the peppers. So this one was one unseeded jalapeƱo and 3 unseeded Thai peppers. It wasn’t unbearably hot but still had some kick. I might add one more unseeded Thai pepper next time. This all remains fun.