Day 495 – Sunday

My girlfriend Chris and I got up early and headed north to visit her parents. One of her brothers was slow cooking meat for tacos and we had ingredients for Cobb salad and accompaniments for the tacos so we all ate well. It was a nice visit and I came in 2nd in one of the 3 games of poker so I came out even. Chris didn’t manage to place in any of the games.

On the way back we stopped at a new ice cream place. It’s in an out of the way location but somewhat on the way back so we stopped. It got very good reviews online and they get their ice cream from a place in Wisconsin called Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream. (I suspect their business shifted at some point and they kept the name).

The ice cream was pretty good. It was a little more stringy / sticky than I would like. For comparison, Baskin Robins is VERY stringy / sticky and Vic’s is not at all stringy / sticky. However, the flavours were very good. The pistachio for example had strong flavour and large pieces of nuts in it.

There is an ice cream place that sources the same product nearer to Chris so I’ll try that soon. Prices were about 1/2 of what Izzy’s charges ($5-ish for a double scoop vs $9.50 or so at Izzy’s) so it’s more affordable than Izzy’s.