Day 458 – Friday

It’s supposed to be hot this weekend. The news is reporting it and people are worried. Hot here means mid 90s with humidity. It might feel like 100F to 105F after taking into account humidity. I’m curious what that will be like.

On the other hand, for months it can be in the low 20s so really, it isn’t that bad. And the weather will be something else in a couple of days.

I had a call with someone from the Sacramento networking groups that hadn’t been available for a while. I understand more about her business and there might be some opportunities in future. We’ll talk more after next week.

In the evening, my girlfriend Chris and I went out to see Bob Newhart in Minneapolis. Looking afterwards this looks like his only performance date for 2019 so I’m glad we were able to see him. The audio wasn’t great so I had a hard time hearing some of it. He was funny in parts. It was great to see a living legend from 22 rows back. Some of his material was dated and not in a good way. But there were a couple of very clever bits.

As he admits, he’s almost 90, and not in his prime. Still, I’m glad we went.

We also went to dinner before hand. So for Chris, it was a pretty big outing. We were able to park across the street from the theater to minimize walking. At dinner in the booth she was able to elevate her leg comfortably. And after all of that she wasn’t feeling too badly which is really great progress.