qJumpStart My Heart | Day 457 - Thursday

Day 457 – Thursday

The weather is warming up slightly. It was sunny and slightly warmer for the time of day this morning when I took my walk. I was also interested when looking at the weather that big thunderstorms were predicted for later in the day. And the skies were clear and blue when I went walking. Radar maps showed the nearest storm was in South Dakota.

Then 2 hours later the thunderstorms were predicted for sooner in the morning and it was overcast. Radar maps now showed an enormous storm just to the west of the Twin Cities that wasn’t there 2 hours before.

And then a bit after that the skies were dark and there was heavy rain.

In the afternoon the skies were sunny and clear again. Such is the weather in Minnesota.

I had a good call with a fellow freelance web guy. I’m impressed with the sound of his tech abilities and he was impressed at my focus on marketing and writing combined with my own impressive tech abilities. We are going to stay in touch and meet up in a couple of weeks. There may be some opportunities for collaboration.

My evening networking group was small (3 people). There was another local event in Sacramento that I know drew some people away plus probably the 2nd evening of the first of twelve Democratic Presidential debates. It was a good meeting anyway. We’ll skip next week and resume after that.