Day 454 – Monday

I drove my girlfriend Chris to her morning lab work (related to surgery recovery and the meds she is on) and then we took a drive to Greg’s Meats.

I had a craving for steak over the weekend and Greg’s is always a good place to go for that. It was a beautiful drive there. Everything is so green here. Chris doesn’t see it the way I do coming from California. It’s green like England is green for those of you who’ve spent time in the UK. Of course it isn’t always green in Minnesota. But everyone makes up for the cold by blooming spectacularly when it is warm.

Greg’s runs different weekly sales so I took advantage of what was there. Two big pork shoulders for $1.99/lbs. Beef brisket was $3.99/lbs and I got an 18 pounder. Also a couple of summer sausages and package of cased hot dogs.

Then back home. I had to portion out the brisket into sizes I could work with and then froze them. I found a smoker-less pastrami recipe I want to try and then I’ll do a selection of slow cooked BBQ brisket recipes over the next couple of months.

I got my writing done and then was able to spend a couple of hours prospecting for business leads on and found a selection I’ll reach out to tomorrow. Ideally I’ll want to spend some time every day doing this.

Chris was pretty sore after her afternoon physical therapy at the clinic. She keeps being able to do more and more which keeps her consistently sore throughout her recovery. Today was a more uncomfortable day than others. But she did a lot more. It isn’t even 3 weeks yet.