Day 455 – Tuesday

I went for a walk and it was a lovely morning. The air was cool. There isn’t any humidity. This is a much milder summer than when I was here last year. It is supposed to get warm this weekend.

I had a couple of scheduled calls plus one unscheduled one cropped up.

The unscheduled one was someone from Facebook who wanted to talk urgently about a possible job. Ultimately all she wanted was an expert to break a decision tie between two other experts she was talking to and didn’t actually want to consider working with me. It’s possible that a red flag was “can we just talk right now?” and I should always schedule out at least a few hours people who want to talk to me like that.

Or point them at my scheduling page which has a 4 hour buffer built in automatically.

Then one of the scheduled calls wasn’t back from vacation yet (their fault).

The one that worked was with a student and his mom from my daughter’s old high school. They are going to help out running the band web site while I keep being responsible for maintenance and security on it. The boy seems very smart, nerdy, and typically intense. It was fun talking to him and his mom seems grateful that I’m taking an interest and being patient.

Of course I am, I can relate to the kid a lot. It should be fun.

I cooked some of the steak we got yesterday for dinner and it was delicious.