Day 453 – Sunday

My girlfriend Chris ran some morning errands and otherwise had a relaxing day.

I did some more writing and we watched some movies and streaming series.

We finished watching Good Omens and I think it would have worked better as a 5 episode series rather than a 6 episode series. I felt it got stretched a little far and I can imagine when they were pitching the series, 6 episodes seemed like a good round number and then during writing they may have found it was a bit long. Too many scenes at the end of the demon Crowly speeding along in his Bentley while grimacing. I still recommend the series.

Among other things we also watched Ocean’s Eleven again. I’m now really curious how many times I’ve seen it. I believe it’s less than 20 but more than 10 times. And I saw it within the last 2 months (have to look back in this blog to be sure) and I still found it really entertaining.