qJumpStart My Heart | Day 436 - Thursday

Day 436 – Thursday

I headed back over to the hospital in the morning and stayed there for the rest of the day with my girlfriend Chris. She went through her physical therapy fine including practice going up and down stairs. However we all decided it was a good idea to stay one more overnight. She is very uncomfortable still from the surgery.

A lot of the discomfort sounds like muscle spasms which remind me of what I went through recovering from my own heart surgery so I can relate.

The Mayo clinic and hospital is still a delight as far as things go. The only real negative so far is that the milkshake machine in their food services department is broken so Chris is unable to order milkshakes from the room service menu this time. I think from a mental health perspective this is pretty serious and I’m not sure why fixing that has not been a priority. Weird.

Hopefully all continues to go well and we can head back to the Twin Cities tomorrow.

I headed back to the hotel in time for my Thursday online networking group. We had a new high for attendance with 9 people. It went well. I’m glad I started it.