Day 435 – Wednesday

We knew from the night before that my girlfriend Chris needed to be at the hospital at 6:30am for her check in for the knee surgery.

We slept well except for the hotel fire alarm going off at around 11:30pm. We gathered a few things and went outside and sat in the car until we were all told to come back in about 20 minutes later.

We got to the hospital and went through check in and pre-operative procedures. There were a few delays along the way but Chris’ surgery was finishing up by around noon and by around 2:30pm she was in her hospital room.

She ended up having a couple of different nerve blocks for the surgery and something simple to keep her asleep so she came into the room fully alert and with no pain. Surgery went well, the new knee we are told looks very good in x-rays, and now she has a recovery period of many weeks.

There were some hiccups getting her pain managed initially once the nerve blocks were wearing off but by the time I went back to the hotel later in the evening everything was under control.

I’ll head back over early tomorrow morning.