Day 437 – Friday

My girlfriend Chris woke up feeling somewhat better from yesterday and we made plans to leave the hospital. We timed leaving to when her next dose of pain meds would start which the nurses were more than happy to accommodate. Hospital discharge went smoothly and quickly and by early afternoon we were on the way back.

Unlike with her hip surgery in January, the roads were clear and early driving this time of year. Outside of a quick stop at a Dairy Queen drive through we went straight home. Chris was still craving the milkshakes she couldn’t get at the Mayo.

Back at her place she was able to get up the front steps and the inside stairs of the house without too much difficulty. It was hard work but she got up them and into her chair.

It was good to be back in a familiar setting and also one not containing other sick people. I don’t consider hospitals to be the most safe places to be. Dinner was baked pork chops with sautéed squash and mushrooms. She didn’t have much appetite yet but it was good.