Day 429 – Thursday

My mom and stepdad returned from their cross country vacation today. I knew they had not had any good food for a while so I made meatballs and red sauce for dinner. We would normally go out but I have the online networking group.

I tidied up some things, did some grocery shopping, and got the red sauce going. Then some work and then meatballs. They looked pretty exhausted from having driven over 600 miles a day the last 3 days and enjoyed what I had made.

As I mentioned above, my online networking group met in the evening. To my delight we had more new people. These are all folks I know from networking but people are curious and want to find out more. There were 7 of us including Steve and myself. One other from the last meeting and 4 new folks.

I think the meeting went well. I’m still fine tuning it. It’s still a worthwhile experiment.