Day 428 – Wednesday

I found the networking group somewhat frustrating today. I think the frustration was around me forgetting, as I sometimes do, that no one there is my ideal customer.

Granted this isn’t absolutely true. Yet so many of the people who attend this group, whether they are in an MLM or claim to do marketing or other businesses, are so far away from being a customer I can really serve that there isn’t often much common ground.

The other marketers are often new and just talk a good line or are themselves part of an MLM or some such. The other business owners are often in such a beginner position that they can’t afford to do anything like what I offer. And the others are reps for real companies who already have their own marketing departments.

So I thought about all of that and got less frustrated.

I also find I get frustrated when I look at people’s websites who are there and in the moment can’t imagine why their websites are so badly written.

And to that I realize that part of what I must do to help myself is to learn to effectively teach and communicate what is wrong with a badly written website. A website where, on first glance, you either can’t figure out what the business is, or it’s boring, or otherwise is never going to grab a customer and thus never help with a sale.

The writing may appear good in an English grammar and composition sense. But if there is no hook, no headline that catches your eye, there is no way it can really sell.

Those frustrations thus became good things to think about.

I also had lunch with Phil my finance guy and we talked about networking and some networking like projects he and I want to do. Basically starting a different group. Talking about that I realized also that I want to move up in the world. I want to spend more and more time around successful business people.

It ended up a good day.