Day 430 – Friday

I got up early as I’m trying to adjust early to Central Time. It has worked before, I just have to take the initiative to go to bed early.

I did some writing for my marketing email list. It is by around Thursday or Friday each week that I start to more urgently write for that so I have material for the next week. I got two done today and got them signed off by my girlfriend Chris. I’ll do one more over the weekend and then I’ll be ok.

I got a start on client work for a small web project. I have a couple of important questions for the client but everything that needs doing is mapped out and it is very straightforward. I don’t always know ahead of time if things will be straightforward. This one will be and the client is sane.

We went out to dinner tonight since we didn’t last night. Food was good again at the Zinfandel Grill and then back home to look at pictures from their trip.

Now off to bed early-ish so I can get up at 5am tomorrow. I need to be comfortable with 3:30am-ish on Monday and then all should be well.